Tweet, but don’t be a Twit

I shouldn’t have to write this post: be careful what you post on Twitter, Facebook and other broadcast sites!

It just seems so obvious, and probably blog readers will understand this implicitly. But in case this reaches anyone who doesn’t get it: Twitter is *not* your local pub!! Social Networking is *not* about doing online what you used to have to do out on the street. It’s *not* a place to get together informally with a small group of friends and chat about life, the universe and everything. Well, it can be but often people seem unwilling to use it that way.

Please folks, think of it more as standing on top of the and dropping millions of bits of paper with your thoughts on them (and your email address) to the writhing masses below. What would you write? Would you slag off your company? Would you make rude comments about people you know? It doesn’t seem very likely. So why do people feel it’s a good idea to commit unguarded thoughts to virtual paper and broadcast them to everyone on earth who might, by chance or design, stumble across your tweet/blog/facebook page/website?

There are a number of cases of Twitting stupidity which have been documented around the ‘net, and in UK news recently a Union boss’s tweets during meetings have been blamed for the collapse of talks with British Airways (quite probably just a handy target, but why give the company that type of ammunition?).

Where you might get away with posting questionable remarks about your girlfriend, employers and governments are less forgiving.

So the lesson is simple: just think before you Tweet. The world is watching. Less, in this case, is most definitely more.


About mikbarne
I'm a writer and freelance communications and collaboration consultant with nearly 20 years experience in UK telecommunications, specialising in VoIP, Unified Communications and Collaboration, and building effective communications architectures. Visit my Google+ Profile

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