Folks, apologies for the somewhat random post but I was just thinking, as I was trying to stretch out my aching back, how those in the medical profession usually find it hard to actually listen to their patients. They hear the condition, decide what they think is the cause, perform some checks and maybe modify their diagnosis, and then give a verdict.

Now, I’m really not having a pop at doctors here. The random thought started as I thought back to my physio sessions I had a few years ago (I’ve still got the bad back). But I’m not even having a pop at physio’s, because when you think about it we all do exactly the same thing. We form an opinion very early on in a dialog/relationship/meeting and test if it is right. We find it extremely hard to leave forming a conclusion until we have more facts.

I think that most of us probably know and accept this at some level, but every now and then it’s helpful, to me at least, to remind myself to be more open and to listen more. Not just hear, but to really listen.

So now I’m off back to the living room to really listen to my kids. Honest.


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