UC Expo time again

A cross between a trade show and a conference, UC Expo (and IP Expo) has been a useful day out for me for the last couple of years since becoming a communications industry consultant. I highly recommend it, not least because it’s free.

But if that was all that it had to offer, it wouldn’t be worth the train fare. It’s a bit of a battle getting past the folks manning the trade stands, trying to catch your eye and engage you in friendly discussion about a product you don’t want, if you’re lucky (or unlucky) getting an outsized T-Shirt or key fob you’ll never use. But keep your head down, plough on, and you’ll find several seminar rooms with a good mix of sessions which easily fill your day.

Luckily, the folks at UC Expo agree with me that UC isn’t defined by vendors such as Cisco and Microsoft, instead they wisely encompass all things in the modern communications toolkit – including, of course, the “Social Business” arena. Head to the UC Expo website to register for free, explore the seminars, and plan your day.

If you’re looking for more information on products in the UC space, those trade stands house many of the more interesting vendors and if you know what you want to know and can put up with being marketed at it’s a great opportunity to learn more or air your views.

All-in-all a worthwhile day, I certainly plan to be there again.

About mikbarne
I'm a writer and freelance communications and collaboration consultant with nearly 20 years experience in UK telecommunications, specialising in VoIP, Unified Communications and Collaboration, and building effective communications architectures. Visit my Google+ Profile

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