Now published! The Long Way Home

The Long Way Home

The Long Way Home

I’ve finally published my first fiction title, The Long Way Homeand it’s available now from Amazon in Kindle and paperback, and also from Smashwords and their distribution channels in a variety of formats. It’s the first book in a sci-fi saga for kids up to early teens, although anyone who enjoys a bit of classic sci-fi would enjoy this one.

The saga is set in our distant future, beyond the point where we’ve abused our planet almost to the point of no return – for us, and the wildlife, if not for the planet itself. Luckily, by that time we’ve amassed a bit of useful knowledge about the way the universe works and we’ve left old Earth behind. The story sits in the same universe in which my unfinished novel, Children of Earth, is set – a universe where almost anything is possible, and because of that the people are rather more happy, easy-going, and cooperative than we are today.

However in this book we join the action on a remote colony, where Earth isn’t remembered even in legend and whose original settlers chose to return to a pastoral lifestyle unencumbered by technology or the problems of overcrowding; a land where everyone could be equal. Despite a rocky start, things have worked out surprisingly well.

But our hero, a young prince, is catapulted to a strange world when his brother, unwilling to wait for his turn on the throne and armed with mysterious powers, stages a sudden and violent coup against their father the king. A peaceful land is thrown into turmoil, and Prince Xanda is thrown to a distant Earth where he learns some surprising truths about humanity. If he is to save his people from his wicked brother, he will have to find his way through the alien – yet surprisingly familiar – world of Earth to a secret portal which can send him back to his own world.

Science fiction? Fantasy? Sword and Sorcery? An eco-adventure? The Long Way Home is all of these!

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