Father, Husband, Generalist…

I’m a writer, telecommunications evangelist, environmentalist and radical thinker – alongside the more minor roles of father and husband.

Being a radical thinker, by the way, is not so hard. You just need to wish there was “a better way”, and then think about what it might be. As an example, I don’t think (like George Osborne does) that spending on welfare creates a “competitiveness problem” for the EU. I think that living in a society that provides care for all, even if it means some people having to reduce the luxuries they allow themselves, is a good thing. My radical thought is that if money is such a problem, let’s change our world so that it does not become the standard against which everything is measured. I’m not alone in this.

Being a writer is not hard either. You used to have to use pens and paper. Urgh. Now of course it’s all electronic and very easy. I’m doing it now in fact. I have two books out, currently, and if you’ve missed my plugs for them all over this blog and my website then you really need to attend to your eye problem.

Am I a telecommunications evangelist? Well, I believe that we can make our world a better place with the communications tools that we already have at our disposal. Gary Alexander agrees. These tools are getting better all the time. I tell this to anyone who will listen, sometimes quite loudly. I try not to spit.

I live in the environment (by definition), I like it, I want it not to turn grey and sludgy and unpleasant. I like food, and don’t want it produced in factories (ever seen “Soylent Green“? it’s nothing like the terrifying book “Make Room, Make Room” by Harry Harrison on which it’s based – sadly). So I’m an environmentalist. You should be, too. It matters.

Despite having my head full of such noble thoughts as these, though, I do spare a little time for my family. My wife and I home educate, which we find particularly rewarding, because we believe rather passionately in people being allowed to be themselves and we think Michael Gove is a walking accident. We’re not alone in this either.

Please visit me at my website, and please do leave comments to blog posts, I’m keen to hear your feedback.

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