Review: Kobo Arc 7

Android tablets can be bought at a whole range of prices, and cost doesn’t always indicate quality. Our youngest boy saved up enough to afford a cheap tablet last summer and we chose a Sumvision Cyclone 10″ device which, as a refurb unit from eBuyer, was superb value at around £85. With this to contrast against our own Nexus 7 devices, we realised that cheap-and-cheerful tablets could be great value. Although the rear camera which our lad wanted is, to my mind, a load of rubbish… he’s happy though!

So for Christmas our eldest of course wanted a tablet, but his requirements were a little different: no need for a rear camera, and actually a 7″ unit might be better for portability.

So the search was on… what 7″ tablet offers good value for money for kids? Enter the Kobo Arc 7. Read more of this post

It’s in your hands

“Check your humanity in [at the door]”. This is Stephen Fry’s verdict on business communications in a recent Guardian podcast. It’s harsh, but the man has a point. He’s talking about the fact that there’s something of a market split between consumer mobile devices and those aimed at businesses and somehow consumers become employees when they walk into work. It may seem slightly degrading to a man who is essentially self-employed, but in the classic business model people are pawns! Read more of this post

IM is over-rated, apparently

Sometime I despair.

According to an article on the BBC News website, IM is apparently “in trouble”. In trouble? How can a technology be “in trouble”? It’s either useful, and used, or not useful and not used. IM is a fundamental technology of the internet, and is in no more trouble now than it ever has been. Read more of this post

Why Google have it right

When Google first opened their doors in 1998, it was a very different company to the one we see today. The founders even favoured ad-free search engines. How times have changed! Google is essentially an advertising-funded company, but they’ve also spotted market trends (or invented them, or been very lucky – you decide) which map a clear path to a future cloud-based environment. Read more of this post