BYOD to Save the World

The business world, at least in the IT community, is abuzz with the concept of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Simply put, this just means employers allowing employees to use their own IT equipment (phones, computers, tablets) for work – either instead of, or supplementary to, equipment provided by the business itself. Read more of this post

Why Google have it right

When Google first opened their doors in 1998, it was a very different company to the one we see today. The founders even favoured ad-free search engines. How times have changed! Google is essentially an advertising-funded company, but they’ve also spotted market trends (or invented them, or been very lucky – you decide) which map a clear path to a future cloud-based environment. Read more of this post

Cloudy terminology

Cloud computing and cloud services. Overused terms though they are, they do actually mean something useful.

Draw a cloud. One of those nice, fluffy ones you used to draw as a kid (I still do), and then draw a few square boxes in it. There you are, you’re now an IT designer! Well, maybe not but this is all that “cloud services” means – that there are some boxes somewhere “else” which are providing you with a service. It’s hardly new. Read more of this post