The Power of Presentation

I’m a bit confused about Cisco sometimes. Concerned, even.

I just attended an online event which they held called “The Power of Participation”. Well the replay to be precise, which was well marketed, features a nice web front-end, a neat 3D video for a competition and, the meat of the event, a very, very dry “on the couch” powerpoint presentation. Read more of this post

IM is over-rated, apparently

Sometime I despair.

According to an article on the BBC News website, IM is apparently “in trouble”. In trouble? How can a technology be “in trouble”? It’s either useful, and used, or not useful and not used. IM is a fundamental technology of the internet, and is in no more trouble now than it ever has been. Read more of this post

Tweet, but don’t be a Twit

I shouldn’t have to write this post: be careful what you post on Twitter, Facebook and other broadcast sites!

It just seems so obvious, and probably blog readers will understand this implicitly. But in case this reaches anyone who doesn’t get it: Twitter is *not* your local pub!! Social Networking is *not* about doing online what you used to have to do out on the street. It’s *not* a place to get together informally with a small group of friends and chat about life, the universe and everything. Well, it can be but often people seem unwilling to use it that way. Read more of this post

Social Businesses

I’ve spent the last 15 years or so working on voice products largely aimed at businesses, and over the last 4 or 5 years there’s been a change of emphasis from simply providing voice services to business customers. People have been talking first about providing “Unified Communications” and, more recently, “Collaboration” (which to many means the same thing, but in truth is even less well defined).

What does this mean? Read more of this post